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womens combat trousers

ANY OF The subsequent Indexed Beneath IS
AREALDY ON HIS OR HER Technique to HELL, With the exception of
She or he REPENT
For ladies/Females...
1) weavon
2) attachment
three) rubber thread
four) brazilian hair
five) lipstick
6) cortex
7) eyelash/eyeshadow/eye-brows
eight) makeup
10) earring each substantial and tiny ones
eleven) any girl that wears trousers, whether the
trouser is engraved adult females folk trouser
12) eye pencil
thirteen) carrying jewry of any fashion or bead of any style
14) mini skirt, spaggetti, sizzling mini, coach to come back,
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15) bleaching cream or any cream that modifications
the healthy color of the physique.
sixteen) drawing of tattoes
17) perming or dieying of hair
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19) going to clubbing/nighttime membership or attending
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20) being into boyfriend and female friend
21) being into masturbation/ lesbianism
23) folks that sag THIER skirt
and a fornicator, please repent now while you uncover
your self in any of the indexed above otherwise you come to be
in hell.
FOR The men/Guys
1F You continue to--------------------------------'
1) take or drink alcholic liquids corresponding to superstar,
gulder, hero, 33, small famous person, burukutu, kaikai,
schnapp etc,
2) those who nonetheless barb funky hair kind akin to
galaxy, afro and so forth
three) those who nevertheless sage THIER trousers and necessarily womens combat trousers
disclose THIER chest
four) folks that attracts tattoo or repair earring
five) people who damage dance
6) the ones dance worldly-secular tune
7) folks that watch worldly films/ cleaning soap opera's
eight) people who pay attention or performs worldly track
nine) folks that smoke
10) those that are into girl friends courting
eleven)these sells whatever worldly, along with top
heels, adult females folk trousers etc
12)those who are homosexuals and fornicator
thirteen) people who performs soccer
14) thosethat performs demonic video games like conflict or
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in arm, conflict of the titans, mortal struggle,
wrestling etc, please repent now or perish
continually in hell

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